The Cursed Child Release Party Recap

First off: Happy birthday, Harry Potter!image

As you all know, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released today at midnight. In honor of this momentous occasion,
I attended my library’s launch party. And I decided last minute that I would live tweet. It was glorious and packed and more than met my expectations. Here are some snapshots from my Twitter feed:








There was a lot going on. I didn’t even get to participate in everything because I was so busy or the lines were too long. I couldn’t document it all, but I will not soon forget the candles that hung from the ceiling, the Goblet of Fire at the entrance, or the magical feeling of coming together with a bunch of Potterheads.

I started reading when I got home and almost finished in the one sitting. But, to spare my sleeping schedule, I had to finish the rest tonight. Which I did! I’m super lucky the “Goblet of Fire” picked my name (along with 299 others) to check out a copy from the library that night. SO MUCH NOSTALGIA. MY HEART ❤️. It was adorable. If you’re part of the Harry Potter Fandom, I’d get a copy in your hands ASAP before any spoilers leak.


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