Writing Wednesday – Week 9


Welcome, one and all, to this week’s Writing Wednesday! This is going to be a very brief post compared to last week.

Speaking of last week, do you remember how my character, Ryder, took over, which led me to writer’s block? (In case you don’t/didn’t see it, Ryder told me to come up with some major back story to the magic in the form of legends.) WELL, I managed to come up with a pretty darn good legend, if I do say so myself. I’m so proud of my brain for coming up with it. I had trouble coming up with something, so I LITERALLY just started writing “Once upon a time…” and let the words flow. I do so well when I don’t plan things! Care for a quick sneak peek from the WIP?

Once upon a time, there had been another world—Ripple. It was earth, but it wasn’t the earth we know it as, not yet anyway. There were no plants, animals, or humans, just weather.

Writer’s block cured with some fun, yet completely relevant, free writing.

On another note, the rejections are still gradually rolling in. (This brings my total rejections to date to 9.) I didn’t send my queries out all on the same day, so I should be hearing back from people for another month. I had researched agents, tried to write my first sentence specifically for them, and then sent a letter. Researched, rewrote, sent. That was the cycle. But today’s rejection was different, more positive. The agent said I should query again with another MS if the current one doesn’t work out. 😀 So I’m going to float on that encouragement through the process. Still a rejection, but better than the others so far.

That’s all for this week. Happy reading/writing to you, and hopefully I’ll be back to blather about writing life next week!


2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday – Week 9

  1. Omg that IS an encouraging rejection!! CONGRATS ON THAT. I know it sounds weird saying “Congrats” in the same phrase as “rejection”…buuuut, that’s the writer’s life, right?!😂 The market is so tough and competitive that any interest is super encouraging hehehe. Anyway, I hope you get good news soon!! I think I was up to like 30 or something rejections before I got good news. 😛 Hopefully it’s not that long for you!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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    1. It is weird, yet natural. It’s an oxymoron lol I tell others that I got an exciting rejection 🙂 I hope it’s not too long as well. 30 isn’t that bad. I sent out a batch of 20, and I’ll change my letter if they’re all complete rejections. Thanks for the good wishes 😄


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