Updates Galore + Hiatus

As you may have noticed—or not, that’s fine—I’ve basically been in the midst of an unofficial book blogging hiatus. I mean, like, WHERE DID I GO?

I will tell you exactly where I went! I’ve been in limbo. I’m 23 and transitioning into adult life. (Adulting=blegh…usually.) “But didn’t you already have a job?” you ask. Yep. I was* subbing, but that meant the work day ended at 4pm and work days were sporadic, averaging 3 times a week. Now, I have a full-time job. 9-5 days, though usually longer. (Also, no official lunch break, because I work from home. I basically run to the kitchen to put something in the microwave, run back to my laptop, run back to the kitchen when I hear the beep, beep, beep of the microwave, and run back again to my laptop, eating while working.**) Lots of people (my parents *cough cough*) think that because I work from home, I’m free to do as I please, like go out for lunch or get a haircut or do nothing. Am I even working? Yes, I am working. And just like a commuter job, you wouldn’t ask that person to take off to pick up your great-uncle Walter from the airport (that hasn’t actually happened, nor do I have a great-uncle Walter, but you get my point).

*”was” being the keyword.
**Don’t get me wrong! I’m not complaining! I actually like that I’m getting that hour paid, I just wanted to paint the picture that my working day is literally comprised of those hours.

Sorry. Ranting. Back to the point. After work, there’s other stuff. Reading*, writing, different freelancing work, chores, etc. SO MAJOR PROPS TO BLOGGERS WITH FULL PLATES. Seriously, teach me your ways. I just can’t seem to find the time. I love blogging, it’s fun for me. But that’s where my problem is. It’s something for fun, so I put other pressing things first. Like showering and eating. I know, I’m a monster, right?

*You know, for writing research? Okay, I’m trying to make sure I hit my Goodreads challenge. And catch up with the publishing world

Unfortunately, this post is not leading up to me coming out of hiding. On the contrary, I’m here to say that the hiatus continues.

I signed up for a 6-week Hans Christian Anderson course and I’m doing NanoWriMo. So, that doesn’t leave me with quite enough time for blogging. Luckily, I’m a Nano cheat because I technically don’t need to write 50K. I’m just aiming for 30K to wrap up my current WIP. BUT I’m what you’d call a pantster, not a plotter, so that’s not as easy as it seems! We’ll see how that goes. And on top of all of that, I’m going to Yallfest again this year *cue screams of excitement* and the Miami Book Fair. But, let’s be honest, I will not be writing for Nano those weekends.

Did I forget to breathe while writing all that? It appears so. As you can see, I’m overwhelmed as it is, and I really need to lighten the load I’m carrying. I’m thinking I might peek in a couple of times during the midst of Nano, especially to let you know about the book festivals. (Just don’t hold me to that, because who knows with me.)

I’m going to aim for the hiatus to be over come December, but worst case being the new year.

I do want to get back to blogging, so it will happen again! This is NOT goodbye, just see you later.