Writing Wednesday – Week 7


As promised, (finally committing to one of my promises on here! WOO!) for this week’s Writing Wednesday I’ll share some secrets about my current WIP.

  1. I’m 10K words in, and it feels like magical realism right now, but it very may well become fantasy. I’m not sure yet.
  2. It deals with emotional problems, like anxiety, depression, etc. (But there’s also some good emotional stuff as well.)
  3. Weather plays a big role. When it rains (in reality), that is prime writing time! It really gets me in the zone for the usually rainy settings I’ve got going in the book.
  4. There’s a certain clique (even though that word is typically negative, I mean it positively!) that I’m in love with. They’re all unique and real and sometimes funny. 🙂
  5. It takes place in the city I grew up/live in. So I have a lot of fun when I can mention actual places—it makes the characters come to life for me more.

I’ll close with this: A teaser sentence I posted to Twitter/Instagram with a picture that I’m very proud of taking, which is also relevant to the WIP.

There’s a storm brewing inside of you. All you need to do is catch it, and mold the power as your own. image


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