“The Heir” Reviewed

Ever since The Crown by Kiera Cass came out, I’ve needed to get caught up with the series. So I picked up The Heir. And I have to say that I was surprised when I started reading because I didn’t realize the story was continuing so many years later.Screenshot 2016-05-22 01.30.14

Synopsis: Maxon and America are happily married, but dealing with conflict in the country. Not all of their people are happy with the casteless system. In order to calm the public, they decide to have another Selection, with their daughter Eadlyn, the next queen. Eadlyn is not completely on board with their idea, but she eventually concedes. And she may be unhappy about having to go through with it, but along the way she realizes that she may actually find happiness with one of the Selected boys.

I decided to pick this up after reading Crown of Midnight—I needed something lighter after all the drama and intensity. The Heir was great for fulfilling my needs: something much more fluffier.

I loved all the cutesy moments and anytime America and Maxon were mentioned, but I honestly had no clue before starting this book how much Kiera would fast forward into the future. For me, it was more of a spin-off series. I was a little bit confused and surprised that I didn’t hear more about the book not really revolving around America/Maxon. But it was still the same fun and awkward moments of finding love. Though it wasn’t as great as the original Selection.

I’m all for a strong female lead, but, like some characters in the book, I felt like Eadlyn was cold. I couldn’t connect to her as well as I did with America. I understand she had a different upbringing, but she was just so spoiled and obnoxious most of the time, it was hard to get past that. She did open up gradually as the book unfolded, but hardly as much as I would have liked. The boys were adorable, and even the not-so-good guys were intriguing. They were the ones who kept me going.

The Heir receives 3 out of 5 stars.


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