Writing Wednesday – Week 5


Happy Writing Wednesday! Thanks to Spring Break, I have come quite a long way from last week. In last week’s post, I said I was at CH. 10. In one week, I have been able to edit 7 whole chapters, which means I’m going at an ideal pace. I’d like to go faster and get this out to my beta readers, but at least I’m more than halfway through the book now! (It’s Passover and I had a lot of family distractions, which is why I wasn’t able to do more. Everyone cross your fingers that come Monday, I will NOT be called in to substitute all that week so that I can continue in full-time author mode.)

I have had a lot of chocolate and other assorted sweets to accompany me through this journey.

Let’s talk about problems in editing this week.

So. Many. Words. With all the words, everything is blending together. I misspelled–RIGHT NOW. OMG. JUST TYPED OUT “mispelled”…–discretion as “discression” and I  wrote “canon” over and over again until I realized I was using the wrong word and needed the double-n cannon.

Another thing that ended up bothering me. Because I know exactly everything about my story, I see more details in my head from one sentence than anyone else normally would. So I noticed I mentioned a new character, but there were zero physical traits listed. And I thought, Oh, I must have mentioned something later. Nope. Never. That was very silly of me, because that character is important and readers should be able to see him.

Now let’s talk about the domino effect. Many things in my story are connected, so if one thing is off, other things are indirectly affected. So, for instance, I decided to change the timing of something. I wanted it to happen immediately, not in a week. But other things revolved around this event, and I have to go back to make sure everything flows with the time, then I have to go forward in future chapters to see if I mentioned time so that everything makes sense. (Does that make sense?)

But enough about problems! I did some “research” this week as well by starting and finishing Sarah J. Maas’s Crown of Midnight (review to come) and then all that action was too much for me so I read Kiera Cass’s The Heir this week as well and tried to focus on social dynamics, but gosh darn it was so cute, and just what needed, that I probably didn’t learn much.

How’s everyone else’s week been? Sound off in the comments below!


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