Writing Wednesday – Week 4


It seems that I keep getting worse at posting these on time, so let’s pretend that it’s not Friday. Since it’s “Wednesday,” happy Writing Wednesday, everyone! I have a new picture to go along with this segment above–isn’t that a pretty notebook? I love it!

So here’s what’s been going on with my writing. It’s been pretty slow this week because my grandparents are in town for Passover, and my Abuela (my grandmother) has been asking me for a lot of help cleaning up the house. I did get to edit a couple of chapters this week though, so WOO! I finished editing CH. 10 (out of 27), so at least I’m making a dent in the book.

Since my research is always so ridiculous, I thought I’d share a few things I needed:

  • Sunset over ocean
  • Cedar tree locations
  • Dolphin anatomy–>which led to dolphin genital slit (I SWEAR IT’S RELEVANT! I’m comparing dolphins to mermaids and wanted to draw some comparisons.)

I also heard back from a friend who I’d sent my first couple of chapters to. She let me know that she read them and took some notes, so I’m looking forward to getting that feedback.

I’m hoping that all next week I’ll be able to be on a #amediting roll since the Passover holiday means the school I sub at is on Spring Break, which means I can be an author all week. I’m excited to sit in my backyard in the shade and write with the butterflies like I did earlier in the week.

Anyone else celebrating Passover getting the week off? Will you be writing and reading?


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