April OwlCrate Reviewed


When I saw the theme for the April OwlCrate was “dystopia,” I subscribed to it immediately. The first books that got me into reading—well more like devouring—YA were pretty much all dystopian. I started off with Warm Bodies and then found the Eve trilogy, followed by the Delirium trilogy, and then the Shatter Me trilogy. I fell in love with the YA genre, and the dystopian subgenre.

This box included goodies from Shatter Me, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and 1984, in addition to a new dystopian book that came out earlier this month.

I decided to film myself opening my box instead of writing out what I thought of everything, so you can actually see my reactions. (I figured/hoped it would be more fun that way for you.)

Check out my video here: https://youtu.be/r6GevEZB9vo

Anyone else subscribe to this month’s box? What did you think?


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