Writing Wednesday – Week 2

Hello everyone! So I bet you’re thinking, “Um…it’s Thursday.” Yes, I do realize this. I’m a day late, and I clearly suck. But, this lateness is completely revelant to my second Writing Wednesday post.

I am so sad to admit this, but I have done zero work on my book this week. For those of you who are new tuning in, I’m in the editing stage. I’d like to be editing a few chapters each day, but ideally I’d be editing one chapter a day. So…I made absolutely no progress on my book since my first Writing Wednesday. (I have a good reason for slacking, and no it is not procrastination! I’ll get to it in a second.) My friends have tried to comfort me by telling me I can take my time, no rush. However, I have given myself until June to get it beta read. I need to have a dated goal or else I get anxiety. Technically, it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t finish on time. BUT I want to be an author, and if this book doesn’t work out, then I need to get started on the next! Besides, authors get deadlines, so I should get used to it, pretend I’m an author with an editor demanding more authory goodness. Fake it ’til you make it, right?

Now, as I mentioned, I have a good reason for getting behind on my author dream. Unfortunately, life demands that I make money. Work gets in the way. I have two jobs. One is writing about bugs for the University of Florida Entomology & Nematology Department. I love it! I only do this five hours a week, sometimes. But combine that with my other job (substitute teacher) and it’s impossible to get my writing in. Usually I don’t have to do them both in the same day, but this week I’ve had to. On top of that, I have ARCs to read and review. I get home, feel exhausted, eat, shower, do more work, eat, see my boyfriend if I’m lucky, then I’m done. My brain checks out and I watch one of my many TV shows to numb the cranial throbbing. (Tonight I’m writing this instead of watching. I’ll catch up on Grey’s another day.) Life becomes too exhausting and busy for me to work on authoring as much as I’d like to.

By the way, I am completely aware that I’ve basically just ranted and complained in this post. I guess I needed a cathartic release, and what better way than to get it out into the blogging community?

Anyone else have this problem of balancing work and writing? How do you deal with the lack of time and stress of it all?


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