Writing Wednesday – Pilot Episode

I think I want to add this new segment in to just give updates on my writing and to hear from anyone else.

I’m currently in the middle of editing my YA fairy tale retelling. It is absolute torture. I keep having to stop to research things I should have looked up during the #amwriting process. Because of this, my mind gets distracted. So it’s been 40% actual work and 60% Twitter perusing.


Things I had to research this week so far:

  • How to skin a pig
  • Butchering a pig
  • Stream vs creek vs river
  • Repeating firearms
  • Types of cheese in 1800s America

Seems random, but I swear it’s relevant.

Aspiring authors, what are you currently writing and where are you in the process? We have to stick together and motivate one another!



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