“A Fierce and Subtle Poison” Reviewed

A Fierce and Subtle Poison was my first approved ARC from NetGalley! So, thank you, Algonquin Young Screenshot 2016-03-27 20.19.20Readers, for deeming me worthy to review this book. Without further ado, here is my (honest) review.

Synopsis: Lucas Knight spends his summers on the island of Puerto Rico. For years, he’s heard the stories the señoras tell about the house at the end of Calle Sol. Some believe the scientist who lives there has a daughter with green skin and grass hair. Some believe there’s a curse on that house. Some believe his wife committed suicide and placed the curse over the house. Regardless, there is something strange about that house, and this year, Lucas is about to find out why.

When I first started this book, by Samantha Mabry, I didn’t like Lucas. He seemed like a player. But I warmed up to him as the story developed. He’s just a horny boy, and that’s his not fault. He’s actually really sweet and daring.

There was something in the plot that disappointed me (which I won’t disclose due to spoilers), but something else soon made up for it with the story heading in another direction. At some point, I couldn’t put the book down and I NEEDED to know what came next. The mystery was too much for me not to know what was going to happen. But…I was not a huge fan of the ending. As someone tackling a manuscript right now, I give props to Samantha for writing what she felt right, though I would have liked to see it end differently.

I absolutely loved that this book took place in Puerto Rico, because my grandparents (and best book friend) live there. And it’s always fun when English-written books add in foreign words . It didn’t make a difference that these words weren’t very foreign to me, I still appreciated that aspect. Isabel was another thing that I loved. Everything about her was wonderful. She is the epitome of fierce.

If you’re looking for magical realism, this book is a pretty good choice. A Fierce and Subtle Poison will be sold in bookstores beginning April 12, 2016.

Samantha gets 3.75 out of 5 stars.


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