“The Girl from Everywhere” Reviewed

Thanks to NetGalley, I was able to read The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig a little Screenshot 2016-02-15 19.52.51early–you can buy a copy tomorrow! And you’ll probably want to because, not only is the cover gorgeous, but the story is fascinating.

Synopsis: Nix is an expert in maps, and that’s because her father has used them all his life to time travel across time and space. There is one particular map that her father needs: 1868, Honolulu–the map that could save her mother from dying, but could wipe Nix off the map. Her father needs help, but that could cost Nix everything she has ever lived for.

Nix is a strong character: smart, independent, and resilient. At the same time, I also find everything she does adorable. Basically: She’s great.

There’s a love triangle going on in the book, of which I did not hate. (I know some people have strong feelings about this trope, but I’ve never had any major issues with it.) Both boys have their pros and cons, but I think I’m Team Kashmir. Blake is sweet, but Kash is more…suave and debonair.

But back to Nix. Seriously, the whole book would be nothing without her. She is absolutely brilliant. She is the problem solver, and there are always problems popping up.

Time travel (like alternate universes) always manages to confuse me. I couldn’t seem to keep all the dates straight in my head. That was my main gripe with the book. Lots of talk about past things happening, so, since I couldn’t experience those moments with Nix, I felt a little lost. Sometimes the book felt a little bit slow and that’s probably why I didn’t fall in love with it, because there isn’t anything else that I find at fault with the story–but don’t get me wrong, I still thought it was a fun read!

Heidi gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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