Reactions to The Shannara Chronicles TV Show

I’m not going to lie: I had never heard of the Shannara books or Terry Brooks before The Shannara Chronicles TV show was announced. I’ve caught up on all the episodes, and they’re really addicting!

I documented my (non-spoiler) reactions while watching the first episode. So, without further ado, here’s what was going through my mind:

  1. Nice world building in effects and set design.
    Screenshot 2016-02-08 17.39.39
  2. Ears! Haha, they’re adorable.
  3. The theme song is playing, but I had been too caught up in everything else happening before to write reactions down. Let’s just say I screamed at the TV a lot and my stomach still feels all clenched from nerves/excitement.
  4. My dad is watching and said, “Whoa.” Mwuahaha! One of my shows has him hooked!
  5. What a sword.
  6. Austin Butler is pretty.
  7. What a fantastical wardrobe!
    Screenshot 2016-02-08 17.43.54.png
  8. Oh hey, kick-butt girl, who is also very elusive…
  9. So there are elves AND humans? Okay, got it.
  10. Bodies getting close. Lips getting closer. Oh my.
  11. Demons are hideous. Blegh!
    Screenshot 2016-02-08 17.46.41
  12. YAY MAGIC!
  13. Girls are so clever.
  14. Emphasis has just been placed on a book. That makes sense because books equal life.
  15. A trailer for The 5th Wave just came on. Goosebumps are on my arms. (By now I’ve seen the movie. I think it’s awesome!)
  16. What? Selling people?
  17. Umm…she’s naked. Wil give her some privacy!
    Screenshot 2016-02-08 18.00.30
  18. Oh god. What a way to die. Just terrible.

Have you been watching MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles? What are your thoughts? If you haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, check out the first episode, “Chosen.”


2 thoughts on “Reactions to The Shannara Chronicles TV Show

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE their outfits too! How do they have so much time to dress so prettily? I really like this show but have only seen 3 episodes and the Demons are so creepy. I really hate how they kill it’s so graphic :/ Bandon is my favorite, I really like him 🙂


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