My First OwlCrate!

I finally decided last month to subscribe to OwlCrate. (Woo!) The month of January had a theme of “magic” and I’m going to review its contents.


Of course Harry Potter things were included. There was some patronus chapstick–very cool–and a Funko Pop! Harry Potter. I got Harry, but apparently other characters, like Voldemort and Hermione, were mailed out. I like that I got Harry (and, by the way, this is my first Funko Pop!, so I got extremely lucky with one I adore).

Before I even opened my box, I was telling my sister that I wished some Evie Seo (whose Instagram I always eye guzzle) items would be included but I figured that wouldn’t happen. I’m very happy to say that I was wrong and there were TWO of her designs included. One was a fabulous double-sided bookmark inspired by The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and the other was a little, beautiful print with a Throne of Glass quote. (Sadly, I haven’t read ToG yet, but I have it and I will soon!) I love all of her designs, so super pleased about these additions to my OwlCrate box!

There was a coupon code for an ebook that I’ve never heard of–A Knot in the Grain–and I already paid for the OwlCrate, so I think that’s kind of silly that I have to pay for something else. I’m not interested in that book, so I’m not even going to bother using that.

The book included was one I had put on my Goodreads TBR list only a week before: Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley. I’m super happy that it was a book on my list and not another one that I would be adding to that VERY long list. (I definitely don’t need to be adding any more books.)

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with what I got. My rating for the January box is 4 out of 5 stars.




4 thoughts on “My First OwlCrate!

  1. This was a really awesome OwlCrate! I finally decided to subscribe to this box in November, but I didn’t like hardly anything that was in it. That’s the only box I’ve gotten so far. I loved the October box, I wish I would have signed up a month earlier! The November box had the myths and legends theme and I thought that would be amazing, but I wasn’t interested in the book or most of the fandoms the stuff was for. But this is another one I wish I would have signed up for! I love the Harry Potter funkos! This is a great box and I’m glad that you liked your first OwlCrate!


    1. What book did you get in the November box? Maybe the next few themes will pique your attention. I unsubscribe for next month because it’s sci-fi and I know that I wouldn’t be as excited as magic. And if I’m going to spend the money, I want to guarantee shopper happiness.


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