Reactions to Shadowhunters the TV Show

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I wasn’t able to watch the Shadowhunters TV series when it aired, but I recorded it and Screenshot 2016-01-15 16.58.06finally watched the pilot, “The Mortal Cup.” If you weren’t aware, Shadowhunters is based off of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments book series. The movie based on the book didn’t seem to do too well in theaters, so they scrapped it and started over in the show (with a whole new cast). I wrote down my gut reactions as I watched and I wanted to share them here with you. (And I will avoid MAJOR spoilers as much as possible for those who haven’t had the chance to watch the episode, so not all of my reactions are there.)

  1. WOOOOO! Alec is the first Shadowhunter/main character shown. He is the hottest Shadowhunter in my opinion. (I feel terrible for objectifying, but HOT DAMN.)
  2. Totally feeling the accompanying music.
  3. Ashamed to say it but…ohhhh the word “demon” is in “pandemonium” wow I’m dumb.
  4. Digging Clary’s first outfit. (And I will dig all of the ones that follow.)
  5. OMG Simon is perfect. (He was my favorite character in the book. Thank god he is wonderful.)
  6. Maureen is not who I expected. I will roll with it for now.
  7. Magnus is definitely intriguing.
  8. Simon and Clary are adorable. Great onscreen chemistry. That piggyback ride: Awww.
    image (2)
  9. I’m glad Simon is still Jewish and that was casually brought up. As I said, he’s perfect.
  10. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies trailer! (Sorry, off-topic.)
  11. More great music, this time sung by Simon and his band.
  12. That whole Izzy wearing a blond wig bit seems silly. I know she gave an explanation as to why, but then she takes it off so…?
  13. This Dot character: I like her. Liked her? (You’ll see what I mean by the questioning of tense.)
  14. Valentine is despicable. Great! (Awesome effects that enhance his nastiness.)
  15. Clary actually says, “all of you stunning people” like she read my mind. Seriously, how is the casting so wonderful with such pretty actors/actresses?
  16. Oh my! Just realized no contacts on Jace. YAY! (Obviously I was rooting for his natural eye color(s) because it makes him look 10x cooler. Sorry to those who disagree.)
    Screenshot 2016-01-15 18.37.45

So, as you can see from all of my feels above, the show was pretty fantastic for a pilot episode. I was more of a fan of The Infernal Devices trilogy, so I’m much more open minded when it comes to any The Mortal Instruments changes. I’m very glad I watched the show and I’m excited for the next episode! (I almost watched it on the app actually since it’s available, but I have great self control.)

Go check out “The Mortal Cup” pilot now if you haven’t yet! If you saw it already, what were your reactions?


3 thoughts on “Reactions to Shadowhunters the TV Show

  1. Hey that sounds like mostly a positive reaction! Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much? And hahaha I knew Valentine would be great–the actor playing him was King Henry in CW’s Reign and my goodness he was so evil there!


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