How “Ruin and Rising” Actually Ruined Me

After finishing the Grisha trilogy, I never want imageto write again. Leigh Bardugo’s storytelling makes me feel like I suck. (Okay, I won’t really give up, but she is so amazing that for a moment I thought, Why bother?)

Synopsis: With the Darkling still out there, Alina is determined to find the final amplifier. Still healing from her encounter with the Darkling, Mal and a small group of her followers join her on this dangerous journey. Along the way, she ends up learning more about the past and herself. 

The plot became very complex and we learn these details about the past that we didn’t even realize we needed to know. I love when books do this–when everything that came before makes sense, but then add new details that make it better. It’s like watching regular TV and then switching to HD–you just didn’t realize you were missing out.

Everything about “Ruin and Rising” was incredible. There were moments I hated Leigh and then I adored her. Her writing style is wonderful.

I will also always love Sturmhond/Nikolai and his presence in the book made me very happy.

5 out of 5 stars for Leigh on the finale of the Grisha series.



2 thoughts on “How “Ruin and Rising” Actually Ruined Me

  1. YES NIKOLAI IS INCREDIBLE! ❤ He actually one of my favorite characters in the book. I'm so glad you enjoyed this book!! I loved it too 😉

    Lovely review! ❤


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