For those of you who don’t know the acronym “ATPOY,” it stands for A Thousand Pieces of You, the book written by Claudia Gray, whose cover was Screenshot 2015-11-17 20.33.12designed by the utterly talented Alison Klapthor–she gets two thumbs up for her work! I read this some time ago, and the second one came out recently (by recently I mean this year.)

Synopsis: Marguerite’s genius parents have invented the Firebird, a device that can send a person to alternate universes! After her father is killed–by a close friend–Marguerite takes it upon herself to travel to other universes to find him. But finding her father’s killer is not as easy as she would have hoped.

So, now that you’ve been properly filled in on what to expect. I can dish on the coolest parts of the book (by my standards).

I love Marguerite’s name. It’s so adorable. She’s adorable herself (and fierce). She paints, travels through alternate universes, and loves her family so much that she would travel to other “worlds” for them.

I have to say that the settings are the best. My favorite place was the one where most of her time was spent: Russia. The detail of the palace and the wardrobe and the cute egg-art-thiniges was just… *sigh* breathtaking.

Though I enjoyed jumping through other universes with Marguerite (and the unforeseeable twist(s) at the end), I just couldn’t get into the romance of the book. I think that the guys here were just not my type. I felt a little let down because I really look forward to the bits of romance scenes in YA, and these didn’t really do it for me. (I did like a certain romantic scene, but I for spoiler-y reasons, I can’t go into why it didn’t do me justice. It’s mostly because of Marguerite trying to connect in a different universe, but I can’t get into more detail than that.)

As much as I liked the protagonist, I didn’t connect very well with her; and though the setting(s) proved awesome every time, that shouldn’t really be the focus point in a story–no one asks if a book is setting-driven, plot- and character-driven books get the audience engaged.

I will have to give ATPOY 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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