Guest Blogger Cara Reviews “When We Were” by Alexandra Diaz

“When We Were” depicts the point of views of three completely different characters, Tara, Whitney Blaire, andimage Pinkie. Tara is the athlete whose love life goes awry and is presented with a plethora of bumps in the road she’s trying to run on. At first glance, Whitney Blaire is perfect, but not everything is as it seems. Pinkie is a model student with a strong dedication for her friends and taking care of them, although her dedication can strike as a bit too much as she appears obsessed. Although their lives seem exorbitantly contrasting, the three have one thing in common: their lack of trust. Ultimately, their lack of trust results in a tornado of troubles, but as readers reach the end of their stories, after the storms and the clashing, clear skies finally come out from hiding.
Alexandra Diaz portrays the struggles of three best friends who lose their way from each other, but their stories continue through arguments, ignorance, and disbelief until their eyes are finally opened and the three realize their mistakes. Along the story, Tara, Whitney Blaire, and Pinkie find themselves exposed to a myriad of situations and experiences, which allows readers to be able to possibly relate to the book.

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