The Selection Tri-Review

I gobbled up “The Selection,” “The Elite,” and “The One,” and now they’re all Screenshot 2015-09-08 23.29.55blurring together in my mind. So, this will be a quick overview of my general feelings toward all three of them.

Synopsis: After putting herself in the running for the Selection, America is actually chosen. She didn’t want to be one of the girls competing for the prince’s hand, but she soon realizes that there is much more at stake than her love life. She is a beacon of light to the lower class people, and she can actually do some good, beginning with helping her family. Besides, Prince Maxon isn’t that bad after all. The competition is fierce, and life on the inside of the palace is dangerous. But America has what it takes.

I love the friendship that develops between Maxon and America, as well as America’s friendships with the other girls chosen. These relationships are not black and white, but very complicated.

The plot reminded me of an intense season of “The Bachelor,” in which girls not only compete for the man, but for the crown. But drama does not only ensue between the competitors, it is also happening on a greater scale in society. The majority of people are poor; rebels from different sides are attacking; the history of the country is distorted and no one has the same answer; and our heroine, America is internally struggling with her feelings for Aspen, the boy next door.

The intense scenes were only just beginning at the end of “The One” and I look forward to seeing what Kiera Cass has waiting for me in “The Heir.”

I’d give the three books an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars.


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