Some TLC for TLC’s Cinder

I decided to take part in The Lunar Chronicles (Re)Read Along, hosted by The cinder-by-marissa-meyer-extract-p1-normalBook Addict’s Guide. I had heard about “Cinder” being a Cinderella retelling with cyborgs. That’s it. So, I didn’t think I’d like it because I thought it would be silly and too sci-fi for me. That’s not what it was like at all!

Synopsis: Cinder is a cyborg–human with robotic parts. Cyborgs are the lowest of the low in New Beijing, even stepmother Adri feels that way. (Well, at least cyborgs are above the Lunar race.) However, Cinder is no ordinary cyborg: She is the best mechanic in New Beijing. And Prince Kai needs her help. But working on the prince’s android isn’t very easy when she’s “volunteered” by Adri to help find a cure for the letumosis plague. And no cyborg survives plague research. Will Cinder?

I enjoyed this book, though not completely blown away. (That’s what happens when there’s so much hype–I built it up in my head to be amazing and it didn’t feel that way to me. If you read my Miss Peregrine’s blog post, you’ll get a better understanding of my expectations.) It was definitely a creative Cinderella retelling.

The plot was fantastic, although predictable at some points, but I didn’t fall in love with the characters. Cinder herself is awesome: smart, good with her hands, a little sassy, brave, and able to put up with Adri. I pitied her, but at the same time felt like she didn’t need my pity because she’s awesome and will get through the tough times. She and Kai are well-rounded characters. The others are a little ehh. Queen Levana comes close, but I didn’t see enough of her to really make up my mind. (There was a lot of telling when it came to her, i.e. I heard about her from other characters.)

I do want to read the next book, because toward the end it felt like the plot was really beginning to pick up.

If I had to rate the book, I’d say 3.8 out of 5. (Blame the hype, not me!)


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