A Good Bad Beginning

I decided that I ought to finally read Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” so I cracked open “A Bad Beginning” and adored it.Screenshot 2015-08-29 13.45.09

Synopsis: Narrator Lemony Snicket tells the tale of the three Baudelaire children–Violet, Klaus, and Sunny–as they begin a new life after learning of their parents’ untimely death. They are forced to adapt to living with an awful man, and circumstances continually get worse and worse, which the narrator warns readers not to expect a happy ending. Their new guardian is highly suspect, with a gleam in his eyes that speaks volumes for what he thinks of his new wards, especially their inheritance. He’s definitely up to something to get his hands on that money.

I know this is categorized more as middle grade than YA, but it was long overdue for me to read. So, my goal is to read the rest of the books before the Netflix TV series comes out. (Sounds like plenty of time to me, considering they haven’t even released a release date.)

I found the writing style to be appealing, I could definitely tell it was written with a younger audience in mind, and that made me really appreciate it. It’s nice that the author is attentive to his readers. And the narrator’s commentary was interesting.

You really sympathize with the characters. Two young children having to suck it up with their dreadful guardian while taking care of their baby sister. It really is quite the unfortunate situation. The adults are reminiscent of those in Roald Dahl’s novels. There is something whimsical about their personalities, the good adults like magical beings the children look up to, the not-so-good ones strange creatures that are a completely separate species than the children.

Of course, the story itself grabs you. The narrator warns readers it won’t be pleasant, and that’s exactly what we get. Even though it’s sad, a great story is best when there’s plenty of drama and problems. And that’s the premise of the plot: disaster.

5 out of 5 stars to Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler).


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