The Summer of…Mermaids!

What have you been doing this summer? Has this been the summer of sleeping late? Or the summer of work? For me, this has been the summer of reading. One of my recent reads, thanks to Simon & Schuster’s Pulseit, was “The Summer of Chasing Mermaids,” by Sarah Ockler.

Synopsis: After a terrible boating accident, Elyse d’Abreau permanently loses her voice. The voice that would have made her a famous Trinidadian singer. But now, in order to escape the reminder of what she’s lost, she lives in Atargatis Cove, Oregon. Elyse is learning to deal with her new self, when Christian Kane, summer hottie, comes along. Together, they learn to find their voices as they prepare for the bet of a lifetime: a boating race that will save the cove’s property.

The message the book conveys is wonderful. I love that, even though Elyse would never speak again, she had to find her inner voice, to be heard by others. Don’t let yourself shrink to the background, be who you are, loud and proud! Even little Sebastian Kane was able to stand up and express himself as a mermaid lover in public.

I was drawn to the Mermaid Festival and the beauty of it. I thought, I want to dress up as a mermaid! So, inspired by this book, here’s a DIY mermaid getup:

1) Dress: Elyse wears a beautifully fitted, midnight blue dress. I imagine it looks something like this:Screenshot 2015-08-02 22.59.13However, you can pick out a mermaid-cut dress in any shade of blue. Another option is anything with sequins–they’ll look like scales!

2) Hair: Try some beachy waves and loose curls or braids. There are plenty of cool braids, such as the fishtail or waterfall style. You can even add some blue/green/teal hair extensions.

3) Accessories: You can make some starfish and pin them into your hair or onto your outfit, barefoot sandals, and use sea glass!mermaid corset You can make your own sea glass bracelets, necklaces, and tiaras with the pieces you find on the beach. (Pinterest has some really great designs!)

4) Make-up: Add some silver and green sparkly swirls on your face like Elyse does to Sebastian. Use blue eyeliner and some blue eyeshadow to make your eyes pop!


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