Get Lost In “The Infinite Sea”

“The Infinite Sea” is the second book in Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave trilogy.image

Synopsis: After being reunited with her brother Sam, Cassie hides out in a rat-infested hotel with
Ben, Ringer, Teacup, Dumbo, and Poundcake. The hotel was Cassie’s and Evan’s rendezvous point. But they can’t wait there long for Evan, who may or may not be dead, forever. Ringer has been designated to go search the caves as a new hiding location, but the aliens have other things planned for her. In this wild game of chess, now mostly from Ringer’s POV, who will be the one to say “checkmate”?

My favorite narrator in the first book was Cassie, so, at first, I was a little disappointed when most of the story was told from Ringer’s POV. But I grew to like the way she thinks. Always ten steps ahead, always avoiding risk, and always paranoid. But in this new apocalyptic world, paranoia is probably a good thing. We learn more about her back story (and Poundcake’s, too). She is a force to be reckoned with and I respect and admire this character for her will to survive.

Rick is a genius. Well, a diabolical genius. He kept trying to tear me apart with sadness and cruelties. (I tried to be Ringer-strong.) One minute I think someone’s dead, next minute Rick’s like “just kidding,” then he decides to change his mind and go through with his murder of wonderfully written characters. Why, Rick?

We meet a new character– his name is Razor. First I don’t really care for him, then I do, then I don’t again, then I do, then I’m stuck in the middle. Should I still like him? Rick is some kind of Jedi-mind warrior. Beware.

Rick adds a new level to the alien master plans, involving the children, which of course breaks my heart some more. And then he makes this unbelievable plot twist. (I did not see it coming! Hit me like a truck driving full speed!) Sometimes, there are things I suspect, but this completely changed the entire ball game. Rick’s an evil genius, I’m telling you. Still, I’m a big fan of Cassie, and I missed her voice from this book. And little Sammy’s voice. So, I’d have to say that I liked the first book more.

This book earns 4.8 out of 5 stars.


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