Book Giveaway!

The young adult genre is continually increasing in popularity. But once upon a time, that label didn’t even exist. Way before people started saying they were YA readers, these books were published and listed under other categories.

“Seventeenth Summer,” written by Maureen Daly, is one of these books. Daly’s book paved the way for the YA we love to read today. It entails Angie’s seventeenth summer as she starts to date Jack, right before she goes off to college in Chicago. It was first published in 1942, and you can definitely see the cultural changes. (Dating= goes with; cool=gee that’s swell) And whereas today where books go into the whole make-out scene and more, you’re lucky enough to hear about main characters’ Angie and Jack kissing. Back then, this type of writing was scandalous. What’s more, Daly wrote this when she was actually 17. She is a great motivation to aspiring writers!


Now, you have the chance to go back to the basic building blocks of YA and experience what life was like for a teen in love in the 1940s. Enter the giveaway below to win a paperback copy of your own!(The giveaway is now open and will close July 25. Open to U.S. residents only.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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