Fall in Love with “Angelfall”

Man, oh man. “Angelfall,” by Susan Ee, was incredible. I’m stunned. I don’t even want to write this because I want to start reading the next book.

Synopsis: The world is in disarray: gangs by day and angels by night. Both are dangerous enemies. imageHumans are no longer the most advanced creatures–they have been overshadowed by the angels. Penryn, her mother, and her sister must tough it out in this new world. Penryn, loyal to her family, bravely fights to keep them alive, but angels are a force to be reckoned with. Until she meets one angel who is able to overlook their differences. They must team up to get what they each desire and learn to rely on one another. It becomes more than a battle to survive, it becomes a battle to live.

So, very quickly I’ll tell you what I loved. (Just so you know, there aren’t any negative comments coming from me. I have none.)

Penryn (yes, that’s her name and you get used to the uncommon feel of it on your tongue) is skilled in self-defense thanks to her paranoid/psychotic mother. Her mother is freaky, literally crazy, but adds this little shiver down your spine. Whenever her mother is involved, I feel creeped out. But it’s a good thing; it keeps me on my toes and invested in the character. Penryn is devoted to her family (even though in this post-apocalyptic world they’re practically dead weight and she’d be better off on her own) and is Protector #1 of kid-sister Paige. Let’s just say that Penryn has her hands full looking out for Paige throughout the novel. Oh, and Penryn also has great witty comebacks. Love that about her!

Raffe is also good with the comebacks. He’s Mr. Angel. Actual angel. And the two come together forming an unnatural (angels and humans are enemies) team. Raffe needs something, Penryn needs something, and they figure it’s best to help each other out. He can help her and she can help him, so why not? He’s a bit aloof in the beginning, but he gradually opens up to Penryn. You just can’t help but feel sorry  for the poor guy, even Penryn gives into sympathetic feelings. I couldn’t help loving this character.

Throw in some evil angels, desperate, scared, starving people, a will to survive, freaky experimental creatures, and you’ve got yourself this AMAZING story.

5 out of 5 stars. No question.


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