Unbelievable. Underrated. Unaccomplishments and Epic Disasters.

I just finished The Unfortunate Fairy Tale series by Chanda Hahn. A Screenshot 2016-01-05 20.11.07decided to check the first book out, “UnEnchanted,” from the library after going through my Goodreads to-be-read list. I had added it a long time ago and thought it was about time I picked it up. I didn’t realize this until I finished it, but the book is self-published. All of them are. I kept wanting to know who the publisher was because there were SO MANY mistakes that a copy editor/line editor should have picked up. That explained the rough-draft-ness of the books. I tried to ignore it throughout the rest of the series. I’m a stickler so that had really gotten under my skin.

Continuing with problems: the secondary characters felt a bit cliche. Ahem, Savannah White. And Nan, Mina’s supposed best friend, just seemed mean at first. Like, “Mina get a cellphone already.” Ummm, she couldn’t afford one. Way to remind her how broke her family was. She rounded out a bit more later on, but I really could care less about Nan. Her only redeeming quality was the fact that she shared a closeness with Charlie. Then, there were things that were brought up out of the blue like she had figured something out a while ago and forgot to tell the readers when she first knew. Like Fae. That word randomly showed up. Where did you learn that Mina? She said it like it was common sense. It’s not. And the whole Story web. Same thing. She brought it up, basically saying she figured it out, but we’re with her through her thought process so why didn’t we hear about it sooner?

Now for the good stuff: After finishing the first book I thought, This is a great concept. Let’s see what comes next. So I kept going and I was really glad. The magic/fairy tale-ness was perfect. The plot worked out wonderfully. The Fae’s world was super cool. And Jared: I swoon when he has his moments. Chanda did a number on my heart making me feel super conflicted/confused about Jared and Teague. Everything else is boring compared to the Teague storyline. He’s so complicated. Now that’s a rounded character. Mina, of course, was rounded as well. Sometimes I come across a book where the heroine just bugs me, but not Mina. She felt so real and her bravery and loyalty to her family made me cheer her on big time.

The second and third books were by far my favorite. So, if you pick up “UnEnchanted,” don’t give up on it. The storyline really shines.

Rating only the first book, it gets 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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