A Word About “Chantress Alchemy”

About a week ago, I said I would let you know how Amy Butler Greenfield’s second book in Screenshot 2016-01-16 13.31.40.pngthe Chantress series was. Definitely much better–thank goodness!– but still not enough Nat. All of the little bits of Nat were precious. There’s always something that takes Nat out of the picture. Either he’s not there or he can’t be with Lucy because prying eyes are around. And Nat killed me in the end. I wanted to shake him and yell at him for being ridiculous.

The plot reminded me of a murder mystery dinner. It was pretty cool. I liked all of the suspicion and paranoia and whodunnit aspects. And, of course, plot twist.

Spoiler coming in the next sentence! In the first book, Lucy practices so much with her singing, so it just sucks that in the second book we don’t see her taking control of her magic and becoming more powerful. Well, the huge wave that she sung to help herself was great. That was power! Knock down a wall? Sure, let me sing the water over. Very cool. So, now that Lucy’s magic is back to normal, I look forward to her harnessing her powers and being amazing in the last book (which just came out).

I’m still not completely enamored with the series though, but definite improvement: 3.8 out of 5 stars.


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