“Chantress” Shows Promise

Thanks to Pulseit.com I was able to read Chantress by Amy Butler Greenfield online for free Screenshot 2016-01-16 13.28.48(legally). I’m not too crazy about this book, but I do want to continue reading to see what comes next. This first book felt a bit too slow and didn’t have enough action or romance for me. I can see that developing more for the second book in the series, which is what makes me want to go on with the series.

The magical aspect is interesting. It involves a girl, Lucy, who has the magic to cast spells using songs. It’s more complicated than it sounds and all the trials and errors of the magic may have contributed to the slowness of this book.

Nat is definitely a promising character. I wish there had been more of him. Once he begins to open up, the relationship between Nat and Lucy gets much more interesting. Since it’s set in the 1600s, it makes sense that the characters are cautious, but I need more!

I do have to say that I love Lucy’s perseverance and she’s not stupid. She doesn’t blindly trust people and she knows what’s at stake with her magic. The best part about Lucy is that she wants to protect herself. She doesn’t want someone doing that for; Lucy is very independent.

I’m starting the second book now, Chantress Alchemy, so I’ll let you know if my expectations are met.

For this book, I’d have to give it 3 out of 5 stars.


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