Holy Golden Leaves

SPOILER ALERT! I repeat: SPOILER ALERT! This post will ruin everything if you haven’t read “Snow Like Ashes” yet. If you have already read the book, how on earth did you keep this to yourself?! You know exactly what I’m talking about– or rather who I’m talking about. The end of Chapter 26. I’m still in shock. Goosebumps on my arms. I’m a plant covered in snow, waiting for “Ice Like Fire” to thaw me out of this shock.


Meira isn’t a random orphan! Mather isn’t Hannah’s son? So, it’s actually Queen Meira of Winter. How could Sir and Alysson possibly pretend that Mather isn’t their son? Who are these people? Sara Raasch, what have you done to me? So brilliant. So sly. I did not see that coming. And more so, that locket is completely useless. It isn’t the conduit. (Which also means all those years of tracking it down were wasted. I’m just glad that the kingdom’s heir has to come of age to use the magic or else ALL those YEARS the Winter slaves were held captive could have been avoided.) Meira is the conduit! Well, definitely knew there was something special about her, just not that.

Moving on. Was Herod going to rape her in front of Theron? I mean I know Herod kept saying he wanted to kill her, but I definitely felt a rape-y vibe coming from him. But Meira is a survivor. Love that she never ceases to fight back. And props (again) to Sara for the pin in the eye. So simple, yet so disgusting. That’s only the icing on the cake. After the Meira vs. Herod showdown, which is gloriously gory, the real battle begins. So much action! Winterians, Autumnians, and Cordellans all banding together against Spring, well Angra specifically, in a mess of chakrams, knives, swords, and fists. Woo!

The calm after the storm: “People in the light, not just words in the dark.” Sums it up pretty nicely, don’t you agree? I mean, these aren’t just words on paper, these are words strung up to form well-rounded characters, people. People on pages I care about.

Even the acknowledgements made me smile. I used to disregard that section, but now I always make sure to glance over it. Fans are mentioned, too, don’t forget! Fellow readers, we are “better than any conduit.” We are the magic that brings this book to life each time we decide to read it. We breathe life into the pages. So, now it’s our turn to thank you, Sara, for helping us unlock the magic.


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