“Undertow” Pulled Me In

“Undertow,” by Michael Buckley, officially comes out tomorrow! So, in honor of its book birthday, I’ll let you know what I thought. (Luckily, my sister won the book in a contest and she graciously lent it to me.)

Synopsis: The Alpha, a species of walking, talking sea creatures invades Coney undertow10Island. People are scared and hateful toward these foreigners. So, imagine how these people react when they learn their children will have to attend school with the Alphas. Threats, riots, and pretty much all hell breaks loose. And Lyric Walker is forced to mingle with these “kids” at her high school. Lyric has to learn to tolerate the differences, and she soon finds herself warming up to the newcomers. But this just makes life harder when people judge her acceptance. And this is the least of her worries, because something more threatening is coming.

This book was like a nice chocolate-covered pretzel. Salty and sweet. The protagonist, Lyric Walker, is awesome. I often come across book heroines that rub me the wrong way, but this was not the case with Lyric. She has a difficult life, but she’s a tough cookie. Her resilience amazes me and I absolutely love when she gives someone a piece of her mind. Keep in mind that she’s sixteen and dealing with all these harsh, salty ingredients.

Social commentary. Loads of it on the human race. So real (even though it’s fiction). Must keep from spoiling!

One of my favorite elements of literature–fantasy–comes into play. Definitely not a spoiler: Alphas. They’re mentioned in synopses and the book trailer. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I heard about the Alpha race, but I was pleasantly surprised. They aren’t as simple as I originally thought; much more fleshed out in their physical attributes and character traits. Keep an eye out for Fathom–that’s all I can say about him without giving anything away. Oh, and speaking of Alphas, action follows them everywhere!

I want to write spoiler-y material, but it isn’t even out yet and that wouldn’t be fair. Besides, surprises are more fun and this book is filled with them!


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